Stories by Juha Saarinen

Wireless terminology

If you’ve wondered what the “802” and the numbers following after the dot mean, you’re not alone. The first part, 802, refers to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) family of standards for LANs and MANs.

Transcending the LAN

Wireless networking based on the 802.11 standard — or Wi-Fi as its proponents prefer to call it — is a dark horse technology that’s becoming increasingly common thanks to unorthodox usage and its innate flexibility.

Feature: XP turns toddler

With its first birthday approaching, it’s time to take stock of how Microsoft Windows XP is faring in the market.

Windows XP future-watch

Coming up for Windows XP is Service Pack 1, also known as the “Compliance Edition”. SP1 contains all the Windows Update hotfixes plus a further few regression-tested bug fixes not available through the internet.

Longhorn in the long term

If Windows XP seemed daring to conservative IT managers, Microsoft’s next upcoming desktop .Net operating system, code-named Longhorn, should have them quaking in their corporate boots.

No X please, we're end-users

The de-facto standard graphical subsystem for Open Source operating systems is Xfree86, a freely redistributable implementation of the X Window system, or just plain “X”.

An open and shut case?

The allure of software unencumbered by licence fees and restrictions on copying and redistribution is strong, given today’s restrained IT budgets. Properly implemented, open source software is a great solution, but you need to know what you’re dealing with.

Can that data fortress plan

The notion of turning New Zealand into a secure haven for the world's data should be canned before it sees the light of day. "Fortress New Zealand" is an awful canard, quite simply.