Stories by Juha Saarinen

Open source bridges old and new

While it’s true that the open source concept started life through a relatively ancient technology (Unix and derivatives) and is often to used to extend the usable life of older hardware, the reveal-your-code movement is no stranger to embracing (and sometimes extending) the new stuff.

Vulnerable CUPS but snazzy FreeBSD 5.0

After a short holiday break, things in open source land are in full swing. First, the obligatory security hole warning for a piece of commonly deployed software. Just before Christmas, a warning went out about CUPS, or the Common Unix Printing System, containing multiple vulnerabilities.

Shock! Horror! Microsoft more secure

I did a double-take when I saw a news item about IT analyst firm Aberdeen Group’s report on security and vulnerability trends. Headlined Open Source and Linux: 2002 Poster Children for Security Problems, the report states that open source software is now the major source of “elevated security vulnerabilities for IT buyers”.

Fear and loathing in Orlando

As a native Floridian, it is probably natural for Citrix of Fort Lauderdale to hold its annual iForum conference at Disneyworld Orlando. Local businesses should support each other, after all.

Courting big money carries risks

Open source is heading towards maturity and public recognition with breakneck speed, reaching more and more mainstream users in one form or the other - some run just one or more open source apps on proprietary platforms, others go the whole hog and run a complete open source IT solution.

Open sourcers eye .Net

If there’s one Microsoft initiative that’s attracting positive attention at the moment, it’s the .Net strategy. It’s badly named in time-honoured Microsoft tradition and the areas it encompasses seem to change from day to day, but .Net offers too many advantages for developers to overlook it.

The right router

Picking the right router for your always-on connection can be a chore. The cheapest alternative might end up costing you much more in the long run, or be useless for your needs. Here are some things to look out for.

The threat from inside

Don’t forget that your system can be a threat to others as well. There are lots of internet enabled viruses, worms and trojan horses that can create havoc over an always-on connection. Not running an up-to-date antivirus/anti-trojan horse detector could be costly.

For every Linux lover there's a detractor

The shifting sands of IT have thrown up Linux and open source as a respectable and mature alternative to closed-source options from Microsoft and Unix vendors. Computerworld spoke to organisations that have thrown their hat into the open source ring and those which remain sceptical.

Knoppix a tasty open source try-out

Have you ever wished that you could just try out an open source operating system, without the hassle of installing it and associated software? Well, thanks to the clever Klaus Knopper, you can with Knoppix.