Stories by Ken Karacsony

Building enterprise architecture the right way

As a guest on the Federal News Radio program in Washington, I was being asked about my experiences in reducing IT costs. Joining me on the program was Jerry Davis, the deputy CIO at NASA, who mentioned that implementing <a href="">enterprise architecture</a> had really helped his agency develop a mature IT organization and control IT-related costs.

Current economic climate a chance to boost efficiency

With the global economy lurching towards recession, everyone is being asked to do more with less, and cutbacks and layoffs are weighing heavily on people's minds. But cutting costs in IT doesn't necessarily mean laying staffers off, deferring projects or reducing support. There are simple steps every company can take to significantly save money and improve the bottom line during these turbulent economic times.

Change — a constant challenge

Change is inevitable, especially in IT. A company can&#8217;t continue to rely on the same technology that was successful yesterday and expect to be competitive today. It&#8217;s vital that CIOs and management staff search the horizon for the latest technology. They must also have an intelligent strategy for implementing change.