Stories by Computerworld Philippines staff

IDC's Top 10 predictions for Asia Pacific

The rise of global players among software developers in the region and the growing adoption of service-oriented architecture among users are among IDC's key predictions expected to shape the IT industry in Asia Pacific in 2007.

Local IT executives expect to achieve 2004 goals

MANILA (01/19/2004) - Even as the country enters what could well be a turbulent election year, local IT executives remain confident of reaching their IT goals. Among their plans this year, outsourcing, wireless networking and cellular phone technology figure prominently. These are just some of the topics discussed during the 10th Annual CIO Roundtable of Computerworld Philippines that was held last month.

President orders creation of government ICT network

MANILA (11/24/2003) - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last week ordered the creation of a government-wide information network under the Office of the President, aimed at strengthening the bureaucracy and providing crucial information in the fight against poverty.