Stories by Todd Datz

The Interactive Nightmare

The best thing about the modern computer network is also its chief liability: Everything's connected, with on-ramps conveniently located everywhere.

IT Master of the Senate

J. Greg Hanson, the U.S. Senate's first CIO, has 100 bosses. Hanson, a former chief software engineer with the Air Force, and his 250-person staff support 100 senators, their staffs and a multitude of committees. He also must keep some 12,000 computers across the country functioning -- even after unexpected incidents, such as the office evacuation prompted by the discovery of the poison ricin in a Senate mailroom in February. CIO Senior Editor Todd Datz interviewed Hanson at a recent technology conference for Senate staffers.

The essentials of service-oriented architecture

FRAMINGHAM (01/20/2004) - Don Buskard, senior vice president and CTO at AXA Financial Inc., a US$7.5 billion insurance and financial services company, compares his service-oriented architecture (SOA) to a system of gears: some big and slow-turning, some small and fast. And Buskard believes SOA is the right mechanism -- a transmission of sorts -- for an IT environment (like so many others) in which relatively ponderous data-crunching legacy systems must mesh with agile front-facing applications.

Storage essentials

Before you can even think about getting more value from your storage dollar, you need to have a strategy in place. That became clear to David Corwin, senior director of technology services at Yellow Technologies, the IT division of transportation company Yellow.