Stories by Angela West

What You Should Know About Pinterest and Copyright

Content-sharing site Pinterest has been <a href="">surging in popularity</a>. The bigger it gets, the more responsibility it has to ensure that <a href="">copyrighted content</a> doesn't show up on its site.

When 'Viagra' Comments on Your Blog, and Other Spam Red Flags

Comment spam, also known as blogspam, has existed since the dawn of blogs. <a href="">It's created</a> for one purpose: to insert a link on your site back to the commenter’s website. Comment spammers are getting craftier at the game. Comment spam was a much larger problem for bloggers in the nascent days of blogging before improved spam blockers, when you could easily spend 10 minutes a day moderating a blog. Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, actually created a <a href="">spam blocker</a> for WordPress called Akismet in 2005, partially so his mom wouldn’t be assaulted by Viagra ads while writing her blog.

Why Facebook is better for business than Google+

Google revealed its Google+ Pages for business this week. While they are a must for any business playing in the online space, however, they still leave a lot to be desired when stacked up against arch-nemesis Facebook Pages. We are only seeing the first stages of Google+ and the network may develop over time into something more useful for business, but for now the service doesn't even come close to the services that Facebook offers business.

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