Stories by Brandon Butler

Next up for DLP: The cloud?

Traditionally there have been two ways to host a data loss prevention security service: An on-premise application managed by the customer, or an on-premise application managed by the DLP supplier. BEW Global, a managed security service provider, has a third way: Through the cloud.

IT stressed over cloud and video bandwidth demands

IT executives understand the value of cloud services and videoconferencing tools, but one of the chief concerns remains the strain those services put on network bandwidth, according to a study released today.

Chinese Firewall's most blocked terms

Terms related to political activists, anti-government movements and state censorship efforts are the most likely to be censored on Chinese blogs and social media sites, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

Study: Cloud will create 14 million jobs by 2014

Implementation of Cloud services will create 14 million jobs internationally by 2014, with the greatest increases occurring in emerging markets, which are not constrained in deploying cloud systems by legacy infrastructure, according to a new study from Microsoft and IDC.

NaviSite wants to host your virtual desktops

Seeking to capture a slice of market share in the emerging field of virtual desktop services, NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable managed service provider of cloud-based products has announced its next major endeavor: a desktop as a service (DaaS) offering aimed specifically at enterprise customers.

MIT takes aim at secure, self-healing cloud

What if a <a href="">cloud computing</a> infrastructure could recognize a cyberattack, eliminate it, and never stop working while all that is being done? That's what researchers at MIT, with help from the federal government, are investigating the feasibility of.

CA offers new disaster recovery option

CA Technologies has launched a disaster-recovery software-as-a-service offering that combines on-site data protection with a cloud-based service, using <a href="">Microsoft</a> Azure's infrastructure.