Stories by Brandon Butler

Report: Maritz out as VMware CEO

A flurry of reports indicates that Paul Maritz is no longer the CEO of VMware and that the virtualization company may spin out its Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering as a separate company.

Feds: We need priority access to cloud resources

Federal agencies must be assured priority and uninterrupted access to public cloud resources before fully embracing the technology for national security and emergency response IT functions, a recent report finds.

Amazon takes blame for outages, bugs and bottlenecks

Amazon Web Services says power outages, software bugs and rebooting bottlenecks led to a "significant impact to many customers," last week, according to a detailed post-mortem report the company released today about the service disruption.

Cloud adoption pushes storage virtualisation

About three years ago, a collocation and managed service provider, decided it was going to fully embrace the cloud as a new suite of offerings for customers. When migrating to the new service, the company wanted to use its legacy hardware infrastructure - mostly Dell and EMC storage servers - with new hardware that had been purchased for the upgrade. But they didn't want to be tied down to any one vendor moving forward, in case application needs or markets changed.

Why Microsoft spent $1.2B on Yammer

Microsoft's $1.2 billion move to buy collaboration platform Yammer is a way for the tech giant to get more users in the increasingly important enterprise social collaboration market.