Stories by Brandon Butler

How the Cloud changes the virtual desktop landscape

While Cloud computing and virtualization, along with a focus on small and midsize businesses, are expected to be major trends at this year's VMworld show, the virtual desktop infrastructure players are looking to make some news this week as well.

After a hack: The process of restoring once-lost data

Mat Honan, a reporter with Wired magazine, thought almost his entire digital life had been lost, but a team of recovery engineers were able to restore most of it by diving deep into his compromised laptop. Here's how they did it.

Recent Cloud critics, including Wozniak, intensify debate

Cloud computing has taken some heat this week. First, over the weekend Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak said he's worried about the "horrendous" problems cloud computing could cause as users yield control of their data to service providers.

Are enterprise collaboration tools all the rage?

Talk to Dan Schoenbaum, the newly announced CEO of enterprise collaboration company Teambox, and he'll tell you the market for applications that let workers share files using cloud-based tools, collaborate instantaneously and access the software anywhere is ripe to take off.

Inside the IT challenges of sports and entertainment

At the same time sports and entertainment organizations are being inundated with data, they're trying to figure out how to boost connectivity within their venues, but also how to monetize the treasure trove of attendee information.

Facebook, Twitter accounts of Yankees, other teams compromised

The official social media accounts of several Major League Baseball teams were compromised Thursday, leading to some embarrassing messages appearing on the Facebook and Twitter accounts and highlighting the risks social media sites can present for the public image of businesses.

Netflix uncages Chaos Monkey disaster testing system

Netflix has released Chaos Monkey, which it uses internally to test the resiliency of its Amazon Web Services cloud computing architecture, making available for free one of the tools the video streaming company uses to keep its massive cloud computing architecture running.

Olympics could strain enterprise networks

The Olympics happen every two years, but according to media watchers and IT professionals, the impact of the Olympics on communications traffic globally from this year's games could be more significant than any in the 116-year history of the modern games.

Why VMware is spending $1B-plus to buy Nicira

VMware is a company on the move: its planned $1.26 billion acquisition of Nicira not only brings it into the software-defined network (SDN) market, but should also broaden VMware’s support for open standards and even open source.