Stories by Ernie Newman

Opinion: All power to the lines companies

There’s nothing new in electricity lines companies crossing the wires to provide telecommunications infrastructure. Counties Power and Vector are two local companies with the vision to see the natural synergy years ago.

Opinion: ComCom changes a serious user concern

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the government’s surprise decision not to reappoint Paula Rebstock as Commerce Commission Chair, was the one-sided nature of whatever consultation preceded it.

Opinion: Commerce Commission, take a bow

Sometimes it feels like open season on the Commerce Commission. I guess it’s inevitable. An increasing number of the country’s largest businesses are subject to regulatory scrutiny, the stakes are very high and times are tough.

From the CEO: Key, Cunliffe, Williamson OK, but what about others?

Never before in my recollection has the future of telecommunications been a major differentiator in a general election. Yet this year the National Party raised the bar by choosing it as the first policy off the rank. As far back as April 22 they announced their commitment of $1.5 billion of taxpayer money to drive the roll-out of a “fibre to the home ultra-fast broadband network”.

Opinion: Telco disputes scheme is a winner

With its second quarterly report having just been published, it’s time to assess how the Telecommunications Disputes Resolution Service is performing. And by any standard, its proving a great success.