Stories by Cara Garretson

States question Microsoft's interoperability

A Microsoft executive testified at the software giant's remedy hearing that the company goes to great lengths to disclose interfaces and protocols that allow third-party software products to interact with Windows. But a lawyer with the states suing Microsoft pointed out that when it comes to the company's use of the Kerberos authentication specification, not everyone agrees.

Microsoft lawyers try to show witness bias

Attorneys for Microsoft tried to discredit testimony from opposing witnesses and also attempted to show during a court hearing this week that remedies it has proposed in the government's antitrust case against the software maker are more than sufficient.

Privacy advocates warn of security implications

As it is likely that the U.S. government will take legislative steps to heighten national security following the hijackings of Sept. 11, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) held a press conference here Monday in an attempt to raise awareness of the privacy implications that such action will bring.