Stories by James Kobielus

Storm ahead as SOA and cloud clash

After several gruelling years of implementing life-cycle controls over their web services environments, these IT pros now worry they may have to radically revamp those efforts to keep pace with rogue adoption of outsourced cloud services.

The appliance wars have broken out

Over the past few years, enterprise software vendors have ventured well beyond their traditional focus on licensed software packages. Many have begun to offer solutions that incorporate such diverse approaches as open source software, service-oriented architecture and software-as-a-service.

Designated data stewards a waste of space

Everyone agrees that data is a precious resource. Everyone also agrees that organisations should keep this resource clean, current and fit for business. Some in the data management industry have stressed the need for a new officer, the data steward, who manages data in keeping with a broad business perspective and an eye towards organisation-wide quality and standardisation.

Shakeout looms in Web services management

FRAMINGHAM (09/23/2003) - Web services management (WSM) is one of the most innovative sectors in today's IT industry. Despite the general economic slump, dozens of start-ups have ventured into the WSM market over the past few years. Consequently, enterprise customers can choose from many sophisticated tools for managing their complex Web services middleware environments.

Whitelisting could be spam remedy

Spam is nearing a crisis point for email users and administrators. But we don't have to accept it as an inevitable force of nature. The first step in the fight against spam is to dispel the notion that users are powerless against the onslaught. There is an expanding array of anti-spam tools we can deploy throughout our messaging infrastructures.

SMS pushes paging to extinction

Messaging has many new frontiers, and cellular-based Short Message Service is one of the most promising. SMS is fast developing into one of the most important messaging services, so important that it will soon drive older paging services into an early grave.