Stories by Juan Carlos Pérez

'Smart folders' push movie on the Web

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has thumbed a ride with a new technology to sustain buzz for the movie, which is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Microsoft Shows MiPad Handheld Prototype

Microsoft Corp. showed here today the prototype of a handheld device able to recognize voice commands and take dictation from users and whose purpose is partly to eliminate the difficulty of entering data into these types of devices.

Microsoft will not be split up, Gates says

One possible outcome of the US Government's antitrust case against Microsoft could be an order to split up the software vendor into smaller companies, observers have noted recently. But don't tell that to Microsoft chairman and chief executive officer Bill Gates.

Some Intel mobile chips dispense ID numbers

Intel has begun to issue a patch for some of its mobile Pentium II and mobile Celeron processors following the discovery that a bug lets servers obtain an identification number from them.

AT&T interested in MSN

AT&T has talked to Microsoft about buying all or part of Microsoft's MSN Internet access business and the MSN Web portal to bolster the AT&T WorldNet service, according to a USA Today article published on Friday.