Stories by John Moore

How Load Balancing Is Playing a Bigger Role in Tech Transitions

Load balancing isn't just for websites that expect surges in traffic any more. Companies of all sizes, and in all verticals, find load balancing an effective way to address disaster recovery, scalability, failover and application virtualization needs.

Will fault tolerant servers improve your virtualised environment?

Enterprises are taking a variety of approaches to keep applications online as virtualization puts more apps on fewer servers. While experts in the virtualization field say many firms use high availability software associated with the widely used VMware hypervisor, fault tolerant servers-a throwback to the 1980s-also vie for a role in heavily virtualized environments. This is in large part because they promise an uptime improvement over high availability solutions.

Channel partners poised to help enterprises build software-defined networks

Enterprises replacing legacy network infrastructure are increasingly turning to software-defined networks, which can automate an entire network fabric. Having helped hosting companies and academic institutions, a variety of resellers, system integrators and consultancies are ready to bring SDN to the enterprise.