Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Silverlight adoption hampered by economic crisis

Microsoft's Silverlight technology has streamed some high-profile live events lately, the inauguration of US President Barack Obama and the 2008 Summer Olympics among them. But Silverlight's real promise for the business customer - to improve user interfaces for day-to-day applications - has been thwarted by tightening budgets.

Microsoft adds clickjacking protection to IE8 RC1

Protection against malicious Web attacks and tweaks to a feature that lets users browse the Internet privately are among updates Internet Explorer users can test in the first release candidate for IE8, which Microsoft made available Monday.

Seagate replaces CEO

Seagate Technology is replacing CEO William Watkins with Chairman Stephen Luczo, giving day-to-day control of the disk-drive manufacturer back to Luczo more than four years after he relinquished the job to Watkins.

Web apps eroding MS Word franchise: study

Companies may use Microsoft Word for word processing out of habit rather than necessity and are beginning to consider other alternatives, as the web has changed the way people create and share documents, according to a Forrester Research report.

Alliance says progress shows ODF will prevail

It was a good year for Open Document Format (ODF), which gained support from governments across the world in 2008 as its backers continued to promote it as an international standard for XML-based document exchange, according to the ODF Alliance.

Microsoft extends XP shipments until May

Microsoft is giving system builders several more months to get Windows XP for their custom PCs, ensuring XP will be out in the marketplace until almost the scheduled release of Windows 7 in early 2010.

Microsoft releases toolkit for reusing SharePoint portlets

Microsoft has released a tool that allows developers to reuse data and mini-applications from SharePoint-based portals on rival portal software that otherwise would not be natively interoperable with SharePoint, the company said.

Analysts expect Microsoft to warn on Q2 revenue

Microsoft may have to warn Wall Street that it will fall short of its expectations for its fiscal 2009 second quarter because of the flagging PC market, according to financial analysts who follow the company.