Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Startup aims to simplify x64 Exchange upgrades

A new company started by a former Microsoft Exchange director aims to solve potential challenges Microsoft customers will face when Exchange moves to x64 hardware in the next 18 months.

Microsoft and Cisco: we’ll have ICE with that

Microsoft and Cisco Systems have teamed up to support a protocol for communicating across network address translators (NATs) that they believe will hasten the adoption of VoIP for enterprises.

IBM, Sun team up to support OpenDocument

IBM and Sun Microsystems will host a private meeting Friday to rally industry support for OpenDocument, a specification for standardizing documents that proponents hope will spur adoption of software that competes with Microsoft's Office productivity suite.

Microsoft launches Live

As widely expected, Microsoft has unveiled its software-as-a-service strategy, an effort to provide a more seamless connection between customers and their business and personal data by offering a range of services accessed over the web by various devices.

BI a boost for next version of Office: Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled a host of new business intelligence (BI) features that will be available in the next version of Microsoft Office, code-named Office 12, which is expected to ship early next year. The move is seen as an effort to show that Office as more than just a productivity suite.

Heated debate brewing over state's OpenDocument plan

Debate among Massachusetts government officials may throw a wrench in a state proposal to migrate away from Microsoft's Office productivity suite in favor of software that supports an open-document format.

Microsoft, RealNetworks settle for $1.08 billion

Microsoft and RealNetworks have announced that they’ve settled their antitrust case and forged a partnership to promote digital music and games in three agreements worth US$761 million (NZ$1.08 billion).

Microsoft woos child programmers with ‘fun’ language

Microsoft is hoping to lure hobbyist programmers and young children to the Windows platform through a website and forthcoming version of Visual Studio which aims to make Windows development easy and fun, the company says.

Microsoft looks to services for growth

The Windows operating system may have defined Microsoft since its inception, but it will be services that give the world's largest software company its claim to fame in the future, analysts say.

Windows XP SP3 preview surfaces on Web

While Microsoft still will not confirm there will be a third service pack for its Windows XP operating system (OS), a preview version of the software update has been made available on the Web.