Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Microsoft revenue declines 17 percent in fiscal Q4

Microsoft's revenue declined 17 percent and net income declined 29 percent year over year in its fiscal 2009 fourth quarter due to continued weakness in global sales of PCs and servers, the company reported Thursday.

Windows 7 to feature XP mode for older applications

Microsoft will include a feature that lets people run applications in a Windows XP mode on Windows 7 to ensure that applications not designed for the forthcoming OS can run on it, a company executive said Monday.

Google OS may force Microsoft to reinvent Windows

Google's Chrome OS won't be an immediate threat to Windows, but it may force Microsoft to reinvent its operating system more quickly into a product that takes full advantage of the Web and can move more nimbly across devices and form factors, analysts said.

CIA's technology arm taps open source for search

The company in charge of providing technology to the US intelligence community, has invested in an open-source firm to provide enterprise-search technology to the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Microsoft in patent suit

Parallel Networks has filed a lawsuit in the US over two patents, which it was granted the patents in 1999 and 2002, and which it alleges Microsoft is willfully infringing.

Kumo interface features, 'search mashups' on tap

The new search engine Microsoft is expected to launch this week boasts features to improve the relevance of search query results, partly by letting users set custom profile information the engine uses to tailor results, said sources familiar with the company's plans.

Microsoft's Kumo search engine creates buzz

Microsoft has not even released or confirmed next week's rumored release of its Kumo search engine, and already the industry is speculating what the new engine will or will not do, both in terms of functionality and for the company's search market share.