Stories by Ben Ames

Intel profit falls 35 percent

Following layoffs and executive shuffles, Intel Corp. reported a third quarter profit Tuesday of US$1.3 billion, beating analysts' estimates, but still falling far short of its results last year.

Klir takes community approach to IT management

Inspired by the communal wisdom generated on sites like, Klir Technologies has launched an IT management product intended for system administrators at small and medium-sized businesses.

PC vendors blame batteries – not notebook design

Following the alarming number of notebook battery recalls this year, a group of PC vendors met recently to seek safer lithium ion cells, and resolved to draft an improved standard for battery manufacturing and quality control by the second quarter of 2007.

Pokerbot: It knows when to hold them

A poker-playing robot may help find the answers to some of the most intractable challenges in the business world, such as optimizing e-commerce and auction applications.

State says it has evidence to charge HP officials

A day after Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) chairman Patricia Dunn promised to step down for her role in a spy scandal, the state of California is continuing its effort to indict her and the private investigators she used.

Intel announces layoffs, reorganisation

Continuing his quest to stop a slide in profits, Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini announced layoffs of about 7500 more people Tuesday. Together with previously announced layoffs of middle-management executives and the sale of two business units in recent months, the actions will reduce Intel's workforce by a total of 10,500 people by 2008 -- about 10 percent of the entire company.

Vendors ready PCs for new Intel chip

Several PC vendors have announced new desktop and workstation PCs, following Intel’s launch of its Conroe Core 2 Duo processor last month.