Stories by Ben Ames

AMD targets servers with Barcelona

AMD hopes to seize a larger share of the server chip market from its rival Intel with the Barcelona quad-core processor, which was launched last week.

Intel raises quarterly earnings forecast

Citing surprisingly high demand for its processors, Intel has upgraded its third-quarter revenue forecast to a range of US$9.4 billion (NZ$13.5 billion) to US$9.8 billion, from the company’s previous estimate of US$9 billion-US$9.6 billion.

IBM stores data on an atom

IBM has demonstrated how to perform certain computer functions on single atoms and molecules, a discovery that could someday lead to processors the size of a speck of dust, the company said Thursday.

Dell to pay millions to former CEO

Dellwill pay former CEO Kevin Rollins US$48.5 million (NZ$65 million) for his stock options six months after he resigned in the wake of investor criticism about the vendor losing market share to rival Hewlett-Packard.

Industry watchers say Apple plans desktop upgrade

Apple plans to upgrade its iMac desktop PC line this week with a flashier design and thinner keyboard, according to comments and photos on industry blogs. Apple did not return calls for comment, but has already announced that it will hold a news conference on Tuesday at its US headquarters.

Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery

Officials in New York state asked Apple on Monday to change its iPhone design to allow consumers to replace their own batteries, just days after lawyers in Illinois filed a class-action lawsuit over the same complaint.

VMware to get Intel as investor, board member

Intel plans to buy a US$218.5 million (NZ$281 million) stake in VMware, which will bolster the companies’ existing arrangement under which VMware’s virtualisation software runs on Intel’s processors.

Apple rivals dread iPhone

When Apple launches the iPhone in the US on Friday, it is set to get a jump on its competitors and spark a flurry of new phone designs, regardless of how well the device actually sells.

Toshiba blames recalled battery for laptop fire

Eight months after recalling potentially flammable notebook PC batteries, Toshiba Corp. is again urging its customers to trade in the defective units, saying one of its notebooks caught fire on May 24.

Dell to lay off 10% of employees

Dell will lay off 10% of its 88,100 workers, in a continuing effort to improve profits as the company also completes an investigation of accounting fraud, says the company.

PC vendors seek profits in recycling

Technology vendors have long used Earth Day as an excuse to polish their environmental records every April, but in 2007 many companies are finding they can generate revenue through the practice.