Stories by Maxwell Cooter

Novell upgrades ZenWorks

Novell has launched a new version of ZenWorks, integrating four products into a single platform

HP looks to shut out Oracle with Salesforce deal

HP is set to sign a major deal with Salesforce in what could be a blow to Oracle. According to press reports, the computer giant is looking to ditch its CRM software, Oracle Siebel and sign a deal with Salesforce to support 35,000 to 40,000 seats.

Google to start 1Gbps trial

Broadband speeds are ramping up to get faster yet. While Virgin Media goes ahead with its 200Mbps trials, on the other side of the pond, Google is laying down a tough marker to follow.

ArcSight beefs up security range as HP takes ownership

Security and compliance company ArcSight, which was recently acquired by HP, has upgraded its Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform. The new version will include beefed-up ESM, the core analysis engine at the heart of the platform.

Novell makes cloud security service generally available

Novell has made its Cloud Security Service generally available. The company announced the service, which gives cloud providers the opportunity to secure their offerings for their customers, last year and it has been used in several beta programmes since then.

UK computer engineer trapped in TV sting

A British PC engineer was caught red-handed by an undercover TV reporter in a perfectly-executed sting — even though the journalist was investigating another matter.

AOL to sell Bebo, reports say

According to press reports, AOL has finally got rid of its Bebo albatross. The social media company, once the hottest website among UK's teenagers, has been sold to an unknown buyer, according to a report in Mashable. No one from AOL was commenting on this although the Wall Street Journal has suggested that the buyer was private equity company Criterion according to Journal.

SMEs could benefit from move to thin clients

Businesses with as few as six employees could benefit from thin client, scotching the idea that only large enterprises can benefit from the technology. That's according to a survey from Lancaster University which examined the effects of thin client technology on small businesses and found that they could make savings of up to 50 percent.

Nearly 60% of Euro CIOs already use some cloud says IDC

Nearly 60 percent of European CIOs are already using cloud services - even if they don't realise it. That's according to a new survey from IDC which found that the use of cloud services was more prevalent than had been expected.

Cisco takes wraps off home TelePresence

It's not just Google who has taken the leap into consumer appliances. Just the day after the search company launched the Google TV, Cisco has announced trials of a consumer version of its TelePresence videoconferencing system according to a Reuters report. The company has also announced that TV channel ESPN will be using Telepresence to transmit World Cup football from South Africa.

IBM gives out infected USB drives at Aust conference

You might get more than you bargained for if you attend a security conference. IBM shocked delegates at the recent AustralianAusCERT conference in Queensland by handing out USB sticks infected with malware.

Remote restarts automated

Prague-based HW Group has launched IP WatchDog HWg-WR02a, a device that checks whether a connection to a remote device is alive and, if not, restarts it. Devices supported include servers, switches and routers.