Stories by David Foote

IT job trends yield surprises

In his first State of the Union speech, President Bush challenged Americans to consider some form of government service during their lifetimes.

As 2002 dawns, job market has some bright signs

So you think the most influential stories on the current IT employment market are layoffs, spending cuts, hiring slowdowns, canceled projects and anal-retentive CFOs? Don't get me wrong things are definitely tough. But it seems we're being spoon-fed a little too much gloom and doom.

Cutting jobs? The pain can be eased

Heard any positive, uplifting IT workforce downsizing stories lately? There aren't many. I've recently heard hundreds of ugly anecdotes in vivid detail, and I'm getting really tired of them.

Managing IT Workers Takes a Balancing Act

I thought I'd be taking the ultimate "gut course" when I signed up for something called "Ecology" in high school. A little light reading and a field trip every third class to an outdoor location for a pleasant stroll to observe nature's miracles up close - I figured I'd forget most of it quickly and end up with a great tan.