Stories by Eve Epstein

InfoWorld 100

SAN FRANCISCO (11/07/2003) - Information technology transforms the way we work and think about business. But it takes bold vision to accomplish real change. The visionaries are still out there, judging by the projects that won this year's InfoWorld 100 awards, which honor IT initiatives making use of innovative technology to further their organizations' goals.

CTO: Mastering the moment

About two months into his job as CTO of Oxygen Media, Curtis Brown made a dramatic presentation to the company's senior managers that demonstrated just the kind of bottom-line thinking they wanted to hear.

Experience of youth

Having the guts and the savvy to say "No can do" to the boss when an assignment seems unrealistic might make even the most experienced executive feel uncomfortable, but it is the kind of courage chief technical officer (CTO) Matt Kramer learned early in his employment with the company.