Stories by Matthew Broersma

Qumranet tests distributed desktop virtualisation

Qumranet, the commercial sponsor of the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualisation software, has begun beta-testing a desktop virtualisation system aimed at geographically distributed organisations.

Ruby creators warn of serious flaws

The Ruby programming language, which has become popular as the basis for web 2.0 sites such as Twitter, contains serious security flaws that could allow attackers to take over an organization's web server, according to the Ruby development team.

Opera ups security

Opera is to integrate anti-phishing technology from Haute Secure into version 9.5 of the browser.

Most top banks already using virtualisation

Enterprises as a whole may be holding off on virtualising their datacentres, but the majority of top-tier US and UK banks are already implementing virtualisation across different parts of their infrastructures, according to just-released Microsoft-funded research.

Unified comms still a mystery, says study

Unified communications (UC) might be a fashionable term, but many organizations still struggle to understand the benefits of a connected, IP-based communications infrastructure, a Butler Group study has reported.

Researchers 'poison' Storm botnet

A group of German researchers has unveiled the first publicly released research attempting to actively disrupt a peer-to-peer botnet - using as their case study the notorious Storm worm.

Linux expanding into mid-range phones

Linux is expanding its influence outside of the world of smartphones, and is poised to take a significant share of the mid-range mobile phone market as well, according to a new study from ABI Research.

UK phishing attacks double

Phishing attacks on U.K. consumers have more than doubled for the first quarter of this year, according to Apacs, the U.K. payment association.

Google search behind most phishing sites

Three-quarters of phishing sites are built on hacked servers that have been tracked down using pre-programmed Google search terms, according to research from brand-protection firm MarkMonitor.

Apple's Safari browser likened to malware

Mozilla chief executive John Lilly has lambasted Apple for its use of iTunes to offer the Safari web browser to Windows users, saying the technique "borders on malware distribution practices" and undermines the security of the Internet.

IT budgets to rise as Vista bites

U.K. companies' IT spending is likely to grow above inflation this year, with Windows Vista and mobile computing hardware consuming much of the increase, a new study from the National Computing Centre (NCC) has said.

British licence reseller adjusts to MS changes

A UK reseller of Microsoft software licences says it will be able to continue making second-hand licences available, despite changes to Microsoft's licence terms that expressly forbid licence resale.