Stories by Rick Perera

Court order halts SuSE Linux shipments

Software company SuSE Linux AG has been forced to stop shipments of its open-source operating system in Germany, after a temporary injunction was issued in a copyright case.

2001: He said, she said - the year in quotes

"May you live in interesting times," says the curse (often said to be of ancient Chinese origin, though scholars dispute that). With all its horror, heartbreak, and occasional highlights, no one can deny that 2001 has been an interesting year, for IT folk as for everyone.

Germany still hunting abroad for IT expertise

Attention IT job hunters: Germany still wants you. Despite waves of layoffs in some parts of the industry, there's a continuing skill shortage in other areas, and the country is preparing to make available a new round of special visas for foreign technology experts.

German parliament considers Linux switch

The Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament, is exploring whether to ditch Microsoft Corp.'s Windows in favor of the open-source Linux operating system, partly due to security concerns.

Hacker claims next round in banner-ad battle

Nobody said the war was over. When it comes to pop-up and banner advertising on Web sites, tempers run high: Dedicated surfers can't stand the commercial messages, but site operators who depend on advertising revenues want people to see them.