Stories by Oliver Rist

A bullish outlook for Longhorn security

Vista's security advances may be ambitious, but they could seem ho-hum in comparison to those of Longhorn when the server OS stampedes onto the scene later this year. The last time we saw Longhorn it was still prebeta 3, but its security promise remains bright.

Six Vistas — an IT nightmare?

Microsoft has detailed how its forthcoming Vista OS will appear, and the six-pronged view is raising the concern of enterprise IT managers. When it is released later this year, Vista will have six core editions: four aimed at consumers and two designed for the enterprise.

Sun and Intel birth grid-ready Sun Fire v60x

SAN FRANCISCO (11/17/2003) - Sun Microsystems Inc. and Intel Corp., a marriage we thought we'd never see. Frankly, many of us were asking the obvious, "Why?" Increased brand dominance is the obvious answer, and the Sun Fire v60x -- the first product of the Suntel union -- does impress.

Software sets IBM's hardware apart

SAN FRANCISCO (10/03/2003) - In an ever more price-conscious market, IBM Corp. is one of few server heavyweights still swinging with authority. Though mail-order outfits like Dell Inc. are beginning to add engineering value to their server lines, IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. (via Compaq) are among the last Intel-based server manufacturers doing more than just slapping components together. Additional software and intelligent, embedded hardware brains give these machines a competitive edge.