Stories by Wendy Brewer

Tiny offers cut price PCs

LONDON (02/06/2004) - Failed U.K. PC manufacturer Tiny computers is Friday launching a new mail order website,, selling its own-branded PCs and laptops.

Here today, gone tomorrow

LONDON (01/16/2004) - After five months of subscribing to America Online Inc.'s (AOL) broadband service, PC Advisor reader Mark Harrison's account was disconnected. The reason, says BT Communications, is that Mark lived too far from his nearest exchange to qualify for broadband. Confused? So are we.

Multivision mayhem in the UK

LONDON (01/13/2004) - Following the announcement late last week that PC manufacturer Multivision has ceased trading, we can confirm that the Birmingham High Court this morning appointed insolvency practitioner Griffin and King as administrator.

Uber review

LONDON (12/12/2003) - Telco uber U.K. regulator Office of Communications (Ofcom) Friday announced it would launch a strategic review of the U.K. telecommunications sector, the first of its kind in 13 years.

India lends a hand in UK customer services

LONDON (12/05/2003) - U.K. Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt announced Friday the launch of a study into off-shoring -- the practice of relocating company departments, usually customer service centers abroad -- to challenge the idea of terminal decline in U.K. call centers.

ADSL's big brother

LONDON (12/05/2003) - BT Group PLC is set to extend the rollout of its wholesale SDSL (symmetric digital subscriber line) products to a further 50 exchanges, providing heavy users with an alternative to unreliable upload speeds.

No more customers for Virgin

LONDON (12/03/2003) - ISP is enforcing a 5GB per week maximum download limit on its broadband customers and has temporarily stopped taking on new subscribers, following what it calls "deterioration in service".

Mobiles go off-road

LONDON (12/01/2003) - Monday marks the introduction of new U.K. laws that make driving while using a handheld mobile phone an offense.

Merry e-holidays one and all

LONDON (12/01/2003) - This festive season will mark the biggest online spending spree in history with an estimated £3.32 billion (US$ 5.71 billion) set to be lavished on gifts and presents, according to the U.K. Royal Mail which expects to deliver around 40 million packages.

Second time unlucky for Freeserve

LONDON (11/21/2003) - U.K. telco watchdog Oftel's investigation into Freeserve PLC's allegations of anti-competitive pricing has once again found in favor of BT Group PLC.

BT wants 100 percent

LONDON (11/17/2003) - BT Group plc (BT) on Monday set trigger levels for a further 2,300 exchanges in a final push to bring high-speed broadband connections to 100 percent of the U.K. by 2005.

Intel study names top UK wi-fi cities

LONDON (11/13/2003) - Exeter, England may not spring to mind when you think of wireless connectivity, but a new study from Intel has named a pub in the Devon city as the place to go if you're looking for high-speed wireless internet access.

Broadband for all

LONDON (11/12/2003) - U.K. e-commerce Minister Stephen Timms Wednesday urged the government, public bodies and broadband providers to make the final push to deliver broadband services to all of the U.K. by the end of 2005.

BT asks UK gov't for reduced broadband regulations

LONDON (11/11/2003) - BT Group plc has asked the U.K. Trade and Industry select committee to reduce the regulations placed on it over the rollout of broadband, providing proof that it has made huge progress with the delivery of high-speed internet access to date and should therefore have sanctions lifted.

Don't talk and drive in the UK

LONDON (11/04/2003) - In just four weeks, U.K. legislation that outlaws driving while using a mobile handset will come into effect. Yet nearly 40 percent of U.K. drivers are completely unaware that the new law even exists, according to a survey.