Stories by Christine Burns

4 essential cloud security tips

More and more enterprise IT shops - as they get comfortable with <a href="">virtualization</a> practices in their own private clouds - are considering a jump to the public cloud. But before making that leap, consider these pieces of advice from those that have already jumped.

Experts explain greatest threats to cloud security

Cloud security threats come in all shapes and sizes, so we asked eight experts to weigh in on what they see as the top threat to cloud security. The answers run the gamut, but in all cases, our cloud security panelists believe that these threats can be addressed.

5 cloud security companies to watch

Security is one of the major impediments to enterprises moving their resources into the cloud. So, it's not surprising that numerous cloud security companies are springing up, attempting to address specific cloud security issues, like protecting virtual machines or encrypting data in motion.

8 ways to become a cloud security expert

Information about how to securely navigate in the public clouds is, well, cloudy. We asked enterprise IT folks and IT consultants what resources they turned to get educated on this particular topic. The responses can loosely be broken down into three categories: niche conferences; big conferences, and authoritative voices accessible on the Internet.

Public cloud security remains MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

Someday, cloud security vendors and cloud services providers will convince enterprise IT that it's safe to move sensitive data and mission critical apps from the private cloud to the public cloud.

Tester's Challenge: Dumb defaults update

FRAMINGHAM (12/15/2003) - Network World's inaugural Tester's Challenge, which aired on Nov. 17, called on vendors to address why their products support unsecure access and management protocols -- such as earlier versions of Secure Shell, SNMP and HTTP -- out of the box.