Stories by Art Jahnke

Is H-1B work a bad business deal?

H1-B visas, which allow foreign workers with special hard-to-find skills to work in the United States, have been a political hot potato for years. Conventional wisdom has it that technology workers hate them because it's easy for companies to find foreign workers with "hard-to-find skills," workers who will do the same job that U.S. workers do for less money. Technology employers love them, allegedly, for that same reason.

Have tracking tools, will travel

Perhaps it was only coincidence that Stanford law professor Larry Lessig chose last week, the opening week of hunting season on wild turkeys, to propose legislation that would pay a bounty to private citizens who hunt down spammers.

The empire strikes back

It’s not that recording industry honchos think that anti-hacking laws are a bad idea. They just think anti-hacking laws shouldn’t apply to them. At least, they think anti-hacking laws shouldn’t apply to them the same way they apply to everybody else, which is to say, all of the time.