Stories by Liane Cassavoy

Morpheus finds its voice

Morpheus users who rely on the peer-to-peer service to swap files will soon have another option to get connected: The Morpheus Voicebox, which lets you turn a household landline phone into an Internet-based, Voice-over-IP telephone.

Go online for holiday travel help

SAN FRANCISCO (11/21/2003) - It's that time again. Time to pay way too much money for an airline ticket, spend way too much time in line, and arrive at your destination much too tired and cranky from the hassle of planning your trip. But there are wired ways to avoid the usual aggravation of the annual holiday travel season.

ITunes forces Windows users to choose

SAN FRANCISCO (11/10/2003) - Windows users have embraced Apple Computer Inc.'s expanded ITunes service, but the new software and music store apparently cause a conflict for some IPod users. Users of Windows-based IPods who download and install Apple's new software have discovered it disables their Musicmatch Inc. Jukebox application, which ships with Windows-based IPods. Musicmatch has notified customers of the problem, calling it a "serious software conflict" in an e-mail earlier this week.

Consumers strike back, sue RIAA

After taking its antipiracy campaign to court, the music industry is finding itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit that challenges its purported amnesty program as a fraudulent business practice.