Stories by Eugene Grygo

Aboard a vessel in shifting waters

I can still feel the constant sway of a vessel at sea in shifting waters as it felt on September 11. After the terrorist attacks that day, the metaphor wasn't lost on me. The world we had known was reeling from the attacks of the insane.

SAP, IBM Move App Server to Mainframes

Hoping to provide more options for users with two- and three-tier client/server implementations, SAP AG and IBM announced Tuesday at IBM's Solutions 2000 Conference in Las Vegas that the SAP Application Server in SAP's R3 ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite can be co-located on IBM's S/390 Enterprise Server, often the site for the database application server of R3.

Banks Jockey for Position on E-Marketplaces

Not content to wait on the sidelines, banks and other financial services firms are moving into the Web's business-to-business fray, looking to provide the underlying financial services that have until now been an afterthought for many exchanges that trade goods and services online.

Energy Exchange to Power Up

The founders of a new business-to-business exchange for the energy industry are laying the groundwork for a launch by the end of the year, and have tapped Commerce One Inc. and SAP AG as the infrastructure technology providers for the global, direct and indirect procurement e-marketplace.

SAP taps Commerce One for 'net push

Although most perceived SAP AG's announcement last week that it will be working closely with Commerce One as a bold move, many participants at the SAP Sapphire 2000 user conference in Las Vegas had questions about how SAP will be able to pull off what is regarded as a major integration project.

IBM to Take the Plunge with a B2B Exchange

IBM Corp. is preparing to announce next week a global Internet business-to-business exchange for the telecommunications and electronics industries, according to industry sources.

Oracle takes wireless plunge with consumer portal

Oracle today took a major step forward in the world of wireless computing, unveiling plans for a wireless Internet portal for consumers that is supported by a new wholly owned subsidiary,