Stories by James E. Gaskin

Desktop PCs: Dead as a doornail, or maybe just a fax machine

The corporate desktop has looked the same for decades: computer, keyboard, mouse, desk phone, maybe a printer. But do these tools dominate because they're the perfect combination of technology needed for work today, or is the enterprise workplace due for an extreme makeover?

Choosing between netbooks and notebooks

What goes up must come down, and lately what's coming down are netbooks, as more and more articles talk about the compact computers disappointing customers. However, we can't blame netbooks for that. We can only blame vendors who overhype and customers who underbuy. Before you buy a smaller, cheaper and less powerful netbook, determine if you need a notebook instead. If so, you can spend about the same money and get more power, albeit in a larger package.

Appliance-based remote support as good as software

The old reach out and touch someone slogan from the phone company means, in the technical support business, to reach out and touch someone's computer. Doing so in person takes expertise and patience. Doing so remotely takes expertise, patience and special tools.