Stories by Bernard Golden

VMworld 2014, the Cloud and the Future of Enterprise IT

Last week I visited VMworld 2014, where a horde of steely-eyed virtualization acolytes swarmed into the din of an expo floor, creating an atmosphere redolent of a religious revival being held in a Vegas casino. Vendor booths filled Moscone Center's South Hall to bursting, ranging from enormous displays presented by longtime technology stalwarts such as HP and IBM down to a multitude of tiny booths displaying products from new market entrants. All came to pay fealty to the industry's dominant virtualization player and claim their place in the VMware firmament. The outpouring of energy (and money) made the show floor something like a natural wonder akin to the Niagara Falls – overwhelming, awe-inspiring and vastly entertaining.

Software Is Eating the World, and It Could Eat Your Business

In my recent post on IDC's 2014 predictions about how what it calls the "third platform" will radically disrupt the IT ecosystem, I note that the most intriguing prediction addresses how technology users will leverage the third platform to disrupt existing non-technology industries.

How DevOps Can Accelerate the Cloud Application Lifecycle

In the past, infrastructure deployment and application updates both slowed the development lifecycle. Now that cloud computing lets organizations provision resources in minutes, not months, it's time to alter the application lifecycle accordingly. DevOps can help -- but only if it extends beyond 'culture change' to actually achieve continuous deployment.

The New Cloud Application Design Paradigm

Most of today's applications, and all of tomorrow's, are built with the cloud in mind. That means yesterday's infrastructure -- and accompanying assumptions about resource allocation, cost and development -- simply won't do.

10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the rule and not the exception for application deployment. This will make 2014 an interesting and disruptive year for vendors, service providers and IT organizations grappling with this change.

7 Things We Learned at AWS Re:Invent 2013

Amazon Web Services often gets criticized as a platform that doesn't necessarily scale for the enterprise. So at re:Invent, the second annual AWS conference, Amazon made a series of announcements aimed squarely at dispelling these concerns.

Opinion: The IT jobs cloud computing will create

Earlier this year I wrote about the topic of job losses and cloud computing in a post titled Cloud CIO: Yes, Your Job Is At Risk." The topic seems to be in the air: Another blog I came across this week was titled, I'll Probably Never Hire Another Pure SysAdmin"

Cloud CIO: The Two Biggest Lies About Cloud Security

Survey after survey note that security is the biggest concern potential users have with respect to public cloud computing. <a href=";jsessionid=pPXtJb-ekeFBd8TdM6b8Dw**.ecappj01">Here</a>, for example, is a survey from April 2010, indicating that 45 percent of respondents felt the risks of cloud computing outweigh its benefits. <a href="">CA and the Ponemon Institute conducted a survey</a> and found similar concerns. But they also found that deployment had occurred despite these worries. And similar <a href=";jsessionid=cOMQ1iqocyD352b8p35vQg**.ecappj01">surveys and results</a> continue to be published, indicating the mistrust about security persists.