Stories by Howard Wen

2011: Year of the desktop app store?

Developer Sergio Tacconi spent several sleepless days and nights porting his app, Pocket Yoga, from the iOS mobile platform to Mac OS X. He wanted to have it available for sale in <a href="">Apple</a>'s <a href="">Mac App Store</a> on Jan. 6, when the new online software store launched. The task was "harder than expected," he says, "but put in perspective, it's a small investment with a potentially big gain."

Four free video editors bring out your inner filmmaker

One of the advantages of the two-track format is that it helps you to better visualize and manipulate transitions between two shots. You put a video clip in the top track (usually referred to as &quot;A&quot;) and a second clip in the bottom track (&quot;B&quot;). Between these two tracks running along the timeline, there's a row where you can insert transition settings. The final edited video plays the footage on Track A until it comes upon a transition setting put in the middle track, whereupon the video changes over to the footage of the clip running along Track B.