Stories by Esther Schindler

IBM aims to reduce IT risk, developer frustration

IBM has announced a new suite of software quality tools, the Rational Quality Management Portfolio. promising they will improve the software development process and, in particular, ease collaboration between business leaders and IT professionals.

MS releases dev tools for parallel computing, concurrency

The hardware you're deploying across your enterprise is capable of powerful and impressive things. The multicore technology available from <a href="">Intel</a> and <a href="">AMD</a> lets software run on multiple processors; the mobile devices your IT department supports can do amazing things both locally and with remote connections to enterprise resources; special-purpose equipment with distributed processors can serve custom needs.

Eight quick ways to get your site blacklisted

We can't live without e-mail. Even though the Internet standards warn us not to depend on any given e-mail message ever arriving at its destination, every business executive knows how important it is for the mail to get there. But if your mail server's IP address is stuck in a blacklist-a list of addresses or domains identifying known spammers-your e-mail newsletters and individual e-mail messages will be blocked long before they get to their recipients.

Survey: Open Source is Entering the Enterprise Mainstream

Open-source solutions used to be adopted quietly by company boffins who snuck in an Apache Web server or an open-source development tool suite under the philosophy "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission" (not to mention "It's easier to do it with open-source tools than to get an IT budget").

Silverlight brings video to the Olympics website

How would you like to be handed this IT project: create a website that will present 2,200 hours of live, interactive video, plus integrated broadcast coverage. The site will have huge spikes of traffic, and operate under worldwide scrutiny, so it has to be designed for performance. It has to be done in the next 150 days; no schedule extensions are possible. And it must deliver a brilliant user experience.

Making development less difficult

A developer's tools control how he builds applications. Sure, anyone can hand-code software to do something precisely, starting with assembly language if necessary. But good development tools make some features easier to implement, integrate debugging and other process-related tools into the environment, and generally make the developer's life easier. One word summarizes all of this: wizard.

Are browsers ready for next-generation Internet apps?

It's one thing to ask tool builders about their application development vision. It's certainly relevant to contemplate the challenges software developers will face. But if the application platform-in this case, the Web browser-doesn't cut it, the computer industry may be in a world of hurt.