Stories by Bob Brewin

Olympics committee to explore Wi-Fi LANs

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has made no decision to ban the use of 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LANs for use in future games because of security concerns, according to an IOC spokeswoman.

Delta may delay airborne Web service

High-speed Internet access in the sky could be one of those things that doesn't fit with the new realities facing the airline industry, which has seen a decline in passenger traffic and a sharp drop in revenues since the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US.

Compaq offers modular wireless on new notebooks

Compaq Computer introduced a new line of portable computers on Monday that feature interchangeable wireless modules, allowing users to quickly and easily switch from a corporate or public access wireless LAN to a wide area data network operated by a cellular telephone carrier.

Microsoft pulls Bluetooth support from Windows XP

The desktop division of Microsoft Corp. has temporarily pulled support for Bluetooth short-range wireless devices from the next version of its Windows operating system. The company's Pocket PC division continues to embrace the technology, although it expects a slow rollout.

Microsoft Tries Again with Handheld PC

Microsoft Corp. took steps to resuscitate its Handheld PC product line this week, announcing a new version of the mobile computing technology that runs on the same Windows CE operating system used by the higher-profile Pocket PC devices introduced by Microsoft and hardware vendors last spring.

Compaq to Unveil Lifestyle Products

Compaq Computer plans to introduce products and a new strategy emphasizing wireless communications that the company said will enable its business and consumer customers to "do what they want and need to do, anytime, anywhere."

GSM Backers Deny Virus Affected Cell Phones

The association representing wireless carriers that operate their networks on the European GSM mobile phone standard yesterday denied press reports claiming that a computer virus had penetrated the Spanish mobile network operated by Madrid-based Telefonica Moviles SA.

Few Downloaded FBI Attack Detection Tool

The National Infrastructure Protection Center anticipated the kind of massive denial-of-service attacks that crippled a number of commercial electronic commerce sites last week and offered a free software tool to help detect the software "demons or zombies" used to carry out those attacks. But few Internet Service Providers or World Wide Web-based companies downloaded the tool from the NIPC Web site.