Stories by Greg Enright

The changing face of project management

It's no secret that IT project management efforts do not enjoy a particularly high rate of success. Despite the field having morphed into an industry unto itself over the last two decades, the rate of success for large technology-related projects continues to remain abysmally low.

Taking care of business

When implemented and utilized properly, business intelligence software can help enterprises save thousands of dollars, retain and win customers, and ultimately make a firm more competitive. For CIOs charged with overseeing such a deployment, however, the task can represent one of the tallest challenges of their career, rife with technological, political and communication-related barriers that must be hurdled. Here are four tales of battle-hardened CIOs who completed their missions -- and emerged with ample advice for those embarking down a similar path.

Embedding security smarts

Imagine you’re responsible for the IT operations of a company that relies on the Internet to sell products around the world. Now imagine that because of lax network security, someone has hacked into your company’s databases and stolen customer information.

CA WORLD - CA looks to refocus at user conference

An understated keynote speech and a commitment to move past a nasty executive housecleaning process has characterized the opening days of Computer Associates International Inc.'s (CA's) annual user conference being held here in Las Vegas this week.