Stories by Daintry Duffy

On a wing and a prayer

Arnold Barnett, a leading expert on aviation safety and a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, has applied statistical techniques to study the effectiveness of the security measures in place at U.S. airports. We spoke to him about the successes and failures of post-9/11 airline safety and the hidden dangers of teddy bears.

Fighting the five-finger discount

The world of retail theft is as old as the five-finger discount, but today's thieves are more organized and more sophisticated. To find out about the current challenges facing the loss prevention field, CSO Senior Editor Daintry Duffy spoke with two experts: David F. McGowan, vice president for worldwide security services at Tiffany & Co., and King Rogers, a consultant and former vice president for assets protection at Target Corp.

Putting an end to violence

FRAMINGHAM (02/03/2004) - After a tragic incident, you almost always hear the same reactions from the neighbors. "He was a bit strange, but he was an amiable guy," one will say to the media. Or, "He looked average," says another, perhaps a resident in the same apartment building. "You'd say hi. He'd say hi. But he wasn't very outgoing."

Money well spent

FRAMINGHAM (11/11/2003) - Except for the bone-crushing hits and the chop blocks, security isn't all that different from professional football. Really.

For an unworthy cause

FRAMINGHAM (10/08/2003) - Charitable giving is becoming another risk management decision for companies to weigh. For years corporations have given money directly to charities and have often matched employee donations. But potential liability prescribed by the USA Patriot Act has put on the brakes. The act makes it a federal offense to financially support terrorism. Unless companies are willing to follow the money trail of every donation they make, they could be held criminally liable for their charitable givings. "(Executives) are just now identifying that they have a real criminal problem on their hands that is on par with Sarbanes-Oxley," says Craig Wichner, CEO of KindMark, a provider of online corporate giving services. "Any company that isn't concerned about this doesn't understand the problem."

Two of a kind

FRAMINGHAM (10/08/2003) - In the wee hours of a Monday morning, four guys sit down at a mini-baccarat table at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn. They are unremarkable in their appearance, demeanor and play. But their luck is anything but ordinary. In a matter of a couple hours, they ride their cards to a six-figure payout.