Stories by Joris Evers

Instant messaging worm exploits JPEG flaw

Security experts have spotted the first attempts to create an Internet worm that propagates using instant messages and exploits a recently disclosed flaw in Microsoft software.

Oracle further extends PeopleSoft offer

Oracle has again extended its US$7.7 billion cash offer for PeopleSoft. Shareholders now have until October 8 to tender their shares, Oracle said Thursday.

Intel invests in five 'digital home' companies

Intel has made new investments in five companies developing technologies that play into the chip maker's vision of a merged personal computer and consumer electronics industry, something Intel calls the digital home.

Exploit posted for Microsoft JPEG flaw

Computer code that takes advantage of a flaw in the way many Microsoft applications process JPEG images has been published on the Internet and could be a precursor to actual attacks on vulnerable PCs, experts said.

Microsoft CFO: Expect us to make more big acquisitions

Microsoft may make more large acquisitions than it has done historically and become a more distributed company as opposed to moving key employees to its headquarters, Chief Financial Officer John Connors said Monday.

Gates and Ballmer get pay raises

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer each received total compensation of US$901,667 in Microsoft's 2004 fiscal year, up 4.4 percent from US$863,447 one year ago.

FBI seizes $87 million worth of illegal software

A two-year investigation by US law enforcement authorities has resulted in one of the largest seizures of fake software ever in the U.S. and charges against 11 individuals, government officials said Thursday.

Lexmark, Dell and IBM printers can pose shock hazard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned that about 39,400 laser printers made by Lexmark International and sold by Lexmark, IBM and Dell worldwide could pose an electrical shock hazard, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Microsoft offers more time to test XP Service Pack 2

Microsoft is giving users more time to prepare for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) by doubling the time a special registry key will prevent PCs from automatically downloading and installing the mammoth update.