Stories by Joris Evers

Microsoft plugs hole in Outlook

Five weeks after first warning of a hole in its Outlook e-mail program, Microsoft Corp. on Thursday released a patch to fix a flaw in an ActiveX control that could allow attackers to run destructive code on a user's computer.

Windows XP to get fewer MS Smart Tags outside US

International versions of Microsoft's forthcoming operating system Windows XP will likely be shipped with fewer Microsoft-developed Smart Tags than the U.S. version. Many of the U.S. tags are useless to foreign users, according to Microsoft.

Handset, system makers unite on multimedia messaging

The world's largest mobile phone manufacturers and three suppliers of mobile messaging systems have agreed on how to build the road ahead to MMS (Multimedia Message Service). The technology will be sold as the successor to the popular SMS (Short Message Service).

Microsoft has third go at Exchange hole

Microsoft has issued a third version of a patch intended to plug a security hole that could allow hackers access to mailboxes on Exchange Server versions 5.5 and 2000. The second patch contained outdated files, Microsoft said in an updated security bulletin issued on Wednesday.

Hackers taunt European Commission with site defacement

Dutch hackers on Tuesday evening defaced, a Web site sponsored by the European Commission that promotes a safer Internet. Security at the site had been increased just last week after other hackers raised a red flag about possible vulnerabilities.

Exchange 2000 flaw could open mailbox to hacker

Microsoft Corp. warned users of the Outlook Web Access module of its Exchange 2000 Server e-mail system that a security vulnerability could allow unauthorized access to mailbox contents. The company issued a patch for the flaw on Wednesday.

Council of Europe wraps up cyber-crime treaty

Civil liberty campaigners maintained their opposition to a new draft controversial international treaty aimed at combating online crime, saying that the draft published by the Council of Europe on Friday "lacks privacy assurances."

Worm hits thousands of Solaris and IIS servers

Thousands of servers connected to the Internet have been compromised by a recently discovered worm, the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT) and security Web site said late last week.