Stories by Joris Evers

Ellison: Oracle remains unbreakable

Oracle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison said Thursday that Oracle software remains unbreakable and mocked a memo sent this week by arch rival Bill Gates stressing to Microsoft's employees the importance of security in the company's products.

Suggested fix for AIM hole has back door and spyware

Software recommended by security group w00w00 to plug a hole in America Online Inc.'s (AOL) Instant Messenger (IM) opens the user's system to hacker attacks and can direct the user's Web browser to pornographic Web sites, w00w00 said Tuesday.

Microsoft details IE vulnerability

An attacker can automatically store and execute a malicious program on a user's PC by exploiting a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser, the software maker has warned in a security bulletin.

Report: Fiorina ups merger promotion effort

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carly Fiorina is increasing her efforts to win support for the multibillion-dollar merger with Compaq Computer that is hanging by a thread after the largest HP shareholder turned against it last week, according to a report published Wednesday.

Judge halts use of Napster-like software

The makers of popular file-sharing software KaZaA have to make it impossible for users to continue to share copyright-protected material using the software, or pay a fine for each day the product remains unchanged, a Dutch judge ordered Thursday.

Nokia pushes open mobile Internet architecture

In an effort to boost mobile Internet services, Nokia Corp. announced an industry initiative to create an open architecture for mobile services and said that it would license its key software for mobile phones.

Openwave brings instant messaging to cell phone

Instant messaging is coming to mobile phones and it will be interoperable with all major PC instant message (IM) applications, Openwave Systems Inc. promised Monday as it announced the limited release of its mobile IM product at Comdex Fall.

Hotmail accounts now expire in 30 days

Users of Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail service who don't sign in at least once every 30 days will find their account deactivated, the company confirmed Friday.

Microsoft creates new team to promote .Net

In an effort to improve service and marketing to developers and users of its .Net software platform, Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it has formed a "Developer and Platform Evangelism" division.

Kournikova virus maker found guilty

The maker of the Anna Kournikova e-mail worm that spread in February was sentenced on Thursday to 150 hours of community service or, if he chooses not to do the community service, to 75 days in jail.