Stories by Jerome Wendt

Iomega may add glitz to EMC

What a difference a week makes. Earlier this month, Iomega's board rejected EMC's takeover bid and was planning its own acquisitions. A week later, Iomega was making plans to join the EMC family. So now that it appears Iomega REV and EGO hard drives will be sold alongside EMC Clariion and Symmetrix storage systems, will small businesses and consumers buy into what EMC is selling?

Users better off with independent Iomega

I am not sure who the bigger winner is after Iomega's rejection of EMC's takeover bid: Iomega or customers. Based on EMC's past attempts to enter the consumer storage market space, one would think that consumers are better off because Iomega remained independent.

2007 — the year for a storage career

Early in the year is often a good time to change jobs. New years bring new budgets and new job openings, and for individuals thinking about a change, the time to move into data storage management is right.

What storage analytics can't tell you

Thinking about purchasing a storage analytics product? Then here's a good first question to ask any sales representatives who call on you. Ask them if their products can tell you how much storage you have in your environment. If their immediate response is yes, thank them for their time and hang up the phone.