Stories by Jeff Caruso

Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Much has changed since we examined the <a href="">ongoing war</a> between Facebook and <a href="">Twitter</a> in the spring of 2010. The stakes are higher, the competition has increased, and we see LinkedIn and Google roaring into the social networking arena like never before.

IaaS vs. PaaS vs. SaaS

Several different flavors have sprung up in <a href="">cloud computing</a> and each has their pros and cons. Add to these the plethora of vendor-created acronyms and it can be confusing to figure out the best option.

Alliance pushes key piece of Smart Grid, mobile backhaul

The <a href="">Smart Grid</a> and mobile backhaul networks need a key timing standard to work over Ethernet and IP – and ensuring that equipment meets the standard is the focus of a group formed today.

Let me hear your body talk

Freer Logic has created an armband sensor that picks up brainwaves and sends signals wirelessly to a PC, so that a user could potentially control the computer with her mind.

CEBIT US - WLAN vendors spar over methods

Wireless LAN equipment vendors drew sharp contrasts among themselves in the spirited debate of Network World's Wireless LAN Showdown.
At the CeBit America trade show in New York, four vendors shot holes in each other's arguments while struggling to put forth their own distinct visions of how wireless networking should be done. The result was a clear divide between the two established wired-network vendors, Cisco Systems Inc. and Extreme Networks Inc., and the two wireless start-ups, Airespace Inc. and Aruba Wireless Networks Inc..

Revving the E-commerce Engine

E-commerce, voice/data convergence and virtual private networks (VPN) are technologies everyone already talks about.