Outsourcing guide: Russia and Eastern Europe

Compared with some of the big-league outsourcing players, Russia is a rookie. The country's current revenue from IT outsourcing is US$150 million to $200 million annually, a drop in the bucket compared with India's yearly draw of $6 billion. But, though little more than a decade old, Russia's outsourcing industry is learning to play to its strengths and is growing by 50 % annually, analysts say.

TV Tower Fire Sparks Net Use in Russia

When a broadcast tower fire threw several Moscow TV stations off the air this week, many would-be TV viewers turned to the Internet. In some cases, traffic to news sites doubled from usual levels.

Wireless banking launching in US

While online brokerages began offering customers wireless access as long as three years ago, banks have been slow to enable customers to use mobile phones and personal digital assistants for services.

ETrade to Buy Largest Independent Network of ATMs

In a bid to extend its foray into online banking, ETrade Group Inc. announced that it will buy the nation's largest independent network of centrally managed automated teller machines - Portland, Ore.-based Card Capture Services Inc., which runs 8,500 machines.