Stories by Diann Daniel

Stowe Boyd on Web 2.0 in the enterprise

A blogger, authority on social technologies and business, and senior consultant with Cutter Consortium, Stowe Boyd has strong opinions about Web 2.0. "I say what I feel, not what I think I should say," said Boyd early in his Web 2.0 presentation at the 2007 Cutter Consortium Summit in May. He made clear that he believes Web 2.0 is a revolution, with effects growing more powerful; ignoring them is analogous to ignoring the coming of the Internet not so long ago. His presentation and the panel discussion afterward electrified the room. Fear of open information-sharing and unknown security issues mixed with intrigue about the possibilities of Web 2.0 turned the session into a powerfully divisive brew. So I met with Boyd the next day to see what his thoughts were on all the emotion surrounding Web 2.0 in the enterprise.

Is the enterprise afraid of Web 2.0?

Few technological shifts in recent memory have challenged corporate America the way Web 2.0 is doing right now. First you have to decide what the phrase even means, as there's more than a little debate. Then comes the big question: What if any role does Web 2.0 have in the enterprise?

Goodwill hunting

Shaking things up and letting go of the past can be difficult for a mature company. But that's exactly what Coleman did when it realized that outdoor camping -- along with its market share -- was on the decline.