Stories by Allison Taylor

Sun continues to hunt down developers

Sun Microsystems continued to place its focus on appealing to the developer community with a recent upgrade to its Java Web Services Development Pack 1.4. The company also announced a new edition of the Sun Java System Application Server 7 for its Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), which is available in a free download.

Bombardier teaches legacy apps to speak SAP

Before Bombardier Aerospace even decided to implement SAP AG software last August, the Montreal-based aircraft manufacturing company knew it would need an integration platform to make the deployment seamless across its mission-critical applications.

Red Hat ends Linux 9 support, talks security

It didn't come as a big surprise for Linux aficionados, according to an industry insider, when late last week Red Hat announced that it was discontinuing support for its Red Hat Linux 9.

Practice makes perfect for student programmers

For many university students, the secret to programming code is to relax and have fun, and that might have been the unofficial slogan for this year's 28th annual Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest.

The future of e-mail is secure

A tiny, yellow icon emulating a closed envelope at the bottom right-hand corner of the computer monitor isn't what makes electronic messaging the marvel of the 21st century.

Group launches free long distance telecom service

It remains to be seen whether a decision by GT Group Telecom Services Corp. to offer Canadian businesses free long distance within North America will have an impact on those firms that are looking for a new telecommunications company. At the end of the day, an enterprise's telecom needs are a little more complex than some savings on long distance, according to one industry insider.

Queen’s top-ranked Canadian team at ACM

ranking Canadian team at the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals, which wrapped up in Prague last week.

RSS makes its way into Sun

Building on a grassroots momentum that is starting to develop legs within the enterprise, Sun Microsystems Inc. is beginning to forge a relationship with Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary (RSS).

Security an ongoing threat for Canadian CFOs

TORONTO (03/18/2004) - Canadian chief financial officers are feeling vulnerable with the security of their information systems, according to a new survey by Robert Half Management Resources in Toronto.

Technology eases distribution for 3P

Using a paper-based system to track orders and shipments across over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space in Toronto and across the country was not proving to be the best option for Andlauer Management Group.

JCP 2.6 looking for developer input earlier on

TORONTO (03/09/2004) - In an effort to give earlier access of draft Java specifications to a broader group of developers, the Java Community Process (JCP) -- the official process for defining Java programming standards -- announced on Tuesday the latest iteration of the process and a refresh on the procedures it has traditionally followed when adopting new specifications.

IAnwyhere goes live with free developer software

TORONTO (02/18/2004) - IAnywhere Solutions Inc. announced on Tuesday some new developer products that are aimed at improving the development of Web-based applications. It's an announcement that one industry analyst said will put more capabilities in the hands of developers.

Actuate unveils Analytics

Enterprise reporting company Actuate, announced a new product on Monday that it claims will give power users -- or users that perform complex analysis -- a self-service method of accessing information beyond Web reports and spreadsheets.

Oracle releases 10g application server

TORONTO (12/12/2003) - With over 600 new features, including the ability to integrate business applications, manage business processes and a Web Services infrastructure, Oracle Corp. announced on Wednesday the availability of its Application Server 10g.

Sun takes new Java system on the road in Canada

TORONTO (12/04/2003) - Sun Microsystems Inc. of Canada is not only officially releasing its Sun Java Systems in Canada this week, but the software company also continued its six-city whirlwind trip across the country in an effort to promote Sun's new family of software systems.