Stories by IDG staff

In Pictures: Linux Mint 17 Xfce

Linux Mint 17 Xfce includes enhancements to Update Manager, new artwork, better language settings, Xfce 4.10, long term support and much more.

Will IT innovation go down with the bank?

Lehman Brothers was a technology powerhouse that pioneered grid computing and was able to sell the technology it developed in-house to traditional software vendors.

Dell buys EqualLogic

Dell has entered into an agreement to acquire SAN vendor EqualLogic for US$1.4 billion (NZ$1.79 billion).

Beware the fuffle

Reviewing and summarising reports and other published documents for Computerworld has become markedly easier since so many of them became available on the web. Cutting and pasting replaces much ponderous typing of quoted passages, and no-one can accuse us of getting the wording wrong.

Agnostics get new religion

It seems the message that Gen-i is now owned by Telecom hasn’t penetrated to some sales staff of the former systems integrator, once an agnostic seller of product and services. They’re still trying to offer TelstraClear services to some customers — definitely a big no-no under the new ownership.

Not a nine to fiver

A Computerworld staffer returns Australian PR person's phone call at 5.15pm NZ time. PR person isn't there, but the colleague who takes the message asks, in a surprised tone of voice, "Isn't it after 5pm in New Zealand?" Yes, indeed, and, shock horror, this Computerworld staffer was still in the office. Note to Australians who habitually knock off at 5pm: even New Zealanders do sometimes work "late".

Abusing the l@nguage

With the approach of what our errant typing fingers have been known to render as "the fertive season", eateries and such around town are busy trying to drum up seasonal custom. One conference venue in central Wellington is clearly making a pitch for the ICT industry, with a signboard advising that "Xm@s functions" are catered for.