Stories by Sim Ahmed

Vend raises $2 million in funding

Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) provider Vend has announced it has raised $2 million in a funding round led by Point Nine Capital.

App review: LinkedIn for iPad

Considering there are more than 450,000 New Zealanders registered on LinkedIn, it’s always amazed me the social employment site hasn’t had an iPad app until now.

Bachelor degrees for budding game developers

Kiwi game developers will be able to hone their craft and gain valuable industry skills with the introduction of two new bachelor programmes at Media Design School New Zealand (MDSNZ).

Telecom announces 4G trial

Telecom will be conducting live trials of Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G technology later this year.

Fyx cans Global Mode feature

UPDATE - 14 May: Maxnet, which owns Fyx, has pulled the plug on its Global Mode feature.
"While legal opinions have supported FYX’s global mode under New Zealand law, there are matters that require further consideration before continuing the service," says the company.
Speaking at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards, Maxnet CEO John Hanna said the feature is down but not completely ruled out, and may be reinstated in the future.
Prices have been reduced to reflect this change.
Future and existing customers wishing to continue with FYX will pay a new, reduced price of $30.30 per month, with $0.30 per GB for data.

Voyager Internet buys Net24

Business ISP Voyager Internet has purchased Net24 group for an undisclosed sum, according to Voyager CEO Seeby Woodhouse.

Press Council finds a place for bloggers

The New Zealand Press Council will celebrate its 40th year in operation this year, but instead of chocolate cake and a gold watch the organisation could be in for a shock - sweeping reforms in media laws, and the possible regulation of the standards authority.

App review: Paper by FiftyThree

Nothing conveys complex ideas in a simple format more clearly than a doodle. While the humble pen and paper will never go out of fashion (you heard it here first), I’d recommend Paper by FiftyThree for the more digitally inclined.