Stories by Sim Ahmed

Chorus misses Sept deadline for UFB cost resolution

Chorus, which is building around 70 percent of the government’s $1.35 billion Ultra Fast Broadband network, has failed to release its cost strategy for non-standard UFB installations by September as it earlier indicated.

App review: MightyMeeting

Depending on the culture at your company, meetings are either tolerated or detested. MightyMeeting doesn't remove the need for meetings altogether, but it does reduce some of the stress around trying to organise the technology to run one.

Prime Minister opens Orion Health's Grafton HQ

Prime Minister John Key officiated at the opening of Orion Health's new headquarters in Auckland yesterday.
The facility is located on Grafton Road, at the former Southern Cross building, and features a 4400 square metre open plan environment.

Review: iPhone 5 - should I care?

It's that time of year again. Apple has released a new phone and millions of people around the world are looking at their current iPhones with contempt.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet, better but still not great

Back in March Samsung released the first generation of the Galaxy Note, a tablet/phone hybrid that piqued the interest of many tech enthusiasts (myself included). At the time I gave the original Note a 3.5 star review. I was blown away by the fantastic screen, but thought it was an awkward size and disappointed by what was, arguably, its most important feature — the S-Pen stylus.

Dotcom lawyer and Crown argue over evidence

In light of the admission by Prime Minister John Key that the Government Communication Security Bureau (GCSB) illegally spied on Kim Dotcom, the court today heard from both sides over whether the illegally collected information can be handed over to Dotcom.

In Pictures: The physical cloud

Computerworld journalist Sim Ahmed took a tour of Datacom’s Orbit datacentre in Albany to find out what is physically required to host a cloud service. Datacom hosts major companies like TelstraClear at its Albany centre. It is also a part of the government’s infrastructure-as-a-service panel, and hosts several government cloud services.

Global 'census' to put face on big data

The Human Face of Big Data (HFOBD) is a crowdsourcing project that will attempt to shed light on how people create and interact with the information in the world around them.
From September 26 HFOBD is collecting data from the smartphones of participants in more than 20 countries (including New Zealand) to create a snapshot of how data is used in five categories; health, environment, crime, society, and business.

Review: Strong on style, short on storage

The LG Optimus L7 is an entry-to-mid level Android phone that looks like it should be the Korean manufacturer’s flagship device. Its flat body, straight lines, and black finish gives the L7 an air of professionalism that is sorely lacking in higher end Android phones like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III.

Apple iPhone 5 coming to NZ September 28

Update at 8:35 am
Apple unveiled the latest iPhone 5 this morning in San Francisco, although weeks of leaked images and videos meant there were really no surprises in the feature set.

Xero employees start to add up

In late August, Xero announced it had hired 128 new employees in the last calendar year bringing the company’s total staff number up to 267. Xero says there are still 103 vacancies to fill, ranging from .NET developers to executive positions.