Stories by Sim Ahmed

From one-man-band to many employees

It seems appropriate to meet Vaughan Rowsell at the same cafe in the back streets of Parnell that he and his team patron daily. Rowsell, who founded the cloud based point-of-sale software Vend, jokes that his team go there so often it has become the company’s unofficial meeting room.

Fry Up: Exit Strategy

You may have noticed today’s byline has a more ethnic flavour than usual. This is because Computerworld editor, Sarah Putt, has entrusted me to look after this week's edition of our venerable Friday tradition.

Philippines call centre won't take Kiwi jobs: Orcon

No New Zealanders will lose their jobs as a result of Orcon opening a new call centre in the Philippines, says CEO Scott Bartlett.
“There are absolutely no roles being removed from our business as a result of this call centre,” says Bartlett.

Deaf MP must bring her own technology: updated

Update 10:10 am Wednesday February 15: Speaker of the House Lockwood Smith has defended his decision not to fund Mojo Mathers’ note-taker from the Parliamentary budget, saying he does not have the authority to approve that kind of spending.

BYO: JetLag Genie app

To be on the top of your game when you’re travelling for business you need to have energy, something which can be difficult when you’re jetlagged after travelling thousands of kilometres and over several timezones.

Rise of the career contractors

Confidence returning to the financial sector and greater desires to balance work and life, are contributing to a recent increase in the number of career contractors in the IT industry, according to recruitment firm Robert Walters.

BYO: 5 tech tips for the business traveller

Recently I travelled to Florida to cover a technology conference. The trip each way took around 24 hours, and I was expected to be able to work and report as soon as I landed. Before I left I prepared all the gadgets I’d need to take with me, but while travelling I picked up some tips about how to approach technology when travelling for business.

BYO: Samsung Series 9 ultrabook

It is clear from coverage of this year’s CES in Las Vegas there is one word that will define the laptop market in 2012: ultrabooks.

BYO: JotNot Scanner Pro app

Lets face it, paper isn’t going to disappear any time soon, and as long as there are important documents and receipts to be maintained, there will be people who manage to lose their sole hard copy.