Stories by Sim Ahmed

Review - Nokia Lumia 800

The most noticeable thing about the Nokia Lumia 800 is its elegance. It’s a beautiful piece of kit not because of what it adds in terms of design features, but for what it lacks.

Huawei banned from Australian govt's NBN

The Australian government has banned Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei from tending bids for its multi-billion dollar National Broadband Network (NBN) project, saying it risks the integrity of the network.

App review: Cardmunch

The humble business card is still the best way to quickly and conveniently share your contact information in a networking situation. Even in this digital age, it's generally easier (and more socially acceptable) to hand over a card at an event, than it is to fiddle with typing in emails and phone numbers into your smartphone.

School's in for ICT professionals

Michael Peterson is filled with pride every time he receives a reference request from IT employers regarding his former students. In the past year he has taken three such calls, and the ICT educator says he hopes to receive many more in the future.

ICT curriculum better, but support needed

For 15 years Tania Samal has been teaching ICT to secondary school students at Whakatane High School. In that time she has seen three different governments, the introduction of NCEA, and for the last two years she has been looking at ways to integrate the new Digital Technologies standards into her school’s ICT curriculum.

Innovation centre gets new tenant in Nextspace

The first tenant for Auckland's new 'innovation centre' in Wynyard Quarter, Nextspace, moved in last night.
Speaking at the opening event last night which attracted around 150 people, the prime minister's chief science advisor, Peter Gluckman, said that the innovation centre was a good starting point, but support from the business community and government is needed to fully realise the precinct's potential.

App review: News360

Keeping up with the latest information in the digital age is relatively simple. There is an abundance of different news and information sources out there, you just need to find one you like and subscribe to it. What isn't so simple is finding different views and opinions on a subject.

Analysts weigh in on Telecom's one billion

Telecom posted a half-year net revenue of $1 billion this morning, but not all analysts are convinced everything is rosy at New Zealand’s largest telecommunications company.

Eureka, we have broadband

Five cell towers were opened today as part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, with the government promising the service will ensure users can receive download speeds of up to 5 Mbps.